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Craig Harris

What race do you promote?

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon & 1/2

About Me

I am a triathlete at heart but once I started working with Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series I realized just how fun running events could be.  The first race that I promoted was also my first half marathon and since I have done over ten half marathons and still going strong.  As someone that was always looking for peer groups to run with this was the perfect fit for me, I get to go out and meet all new types of runners and athletes and help get everyone connected doing something they love.

Why Do You Rock?

I love the community and camaraderie that is involved with Rock ‘n’ Roll athletes, I was new to the sport when I first started with Competitor Group and it opened up an outlet that was filled with fun people that loved to be active and as an Ambassador of Rock I get to facilitate getting people together doing something that they enjoy and keeps them healthy.