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Crissie Balicki

What race do you promote?

Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas 1/2 Marathon

About Me

I have lived in Dallas for 6 years, now and love the warm weather we have her most of the year….it is perfect for running and triathlon.  I have been an athlete since I could walk and fell back into running after turning the dreaded 40!  It was a good option to get back into shape and the Dallas area is chock full of running groups!  I met good friends and had people to keep me motivated.  I have run a few half marathons and even did the Goofy Challenge at Disneyworld in 2011…going for the Dopey Challenge in 2014!  By far, the most fun I have had running a half marathon has been the Dallas RNR event in March.

It will continue to be my favorite.  I compete in triathlons and work for Playtri, which is a multisport retail store, training facility and race company.  So, I get to work in this great environment, get the latest and greatest news and train for triathlons…pretty awesome!  I am so excited to be working on grassroots marketing for RNR as I know this is going to be a rockin’ time.

Why Do You Rock?

I Rock to stay active…to achieve personal goals…to inspire others…to be inspired by others…to achieve the unimaginable…to be a role model for my family…to help others be a role model…to meet new and fun people who are crazy enough to love endurance events!