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David Palermo

What race do you promote?

Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver 1/2 Marathon & Cunningham Seawall 10K

About Me

I have always enjoyed running but was never serious about it. In 2009 I went through a very difficult time in my life. I was making a lot of poor life choices and decided to turn myself around. I started running because it made me feel free and my problems disappeared and I could do it right from home. I began training seriously and competing in many races. After a few wins I realized that I had a natural talent for the sport and was eventually picked up by my current coach from the Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club. I moved to Vancouver to be with my running team and since then my life has never been better. Through running I not only got into the best shape of my life but all kinds of great things started happening to me. I am grateful for what running has brought into my life and becoming a runner has allowed me to be the person who I truly love to be.

Why Do You Rock?

I rock because of what running has given me. I am proud to have the running talent I have been given and with the opportunities running provides I am now able to inspire others to push harder and reach their goals. As an Ambassador of Rock I hope to be able to instill the same passion that I have for this sport in others and help out wherever I can in the running community.