Marathon Training Tips for Race Day

Conquering a marathon is no easy task, whether it is your first, your fifth or your hundredth. Here are top training tips to get you ready for the big day!

1. Set a Goal

“Set a goal that’s realistic but also makes you a little nervous — because you know it’s going take some work to achieve.”

2. Gear Up

“Go to a specialty running store and get fit for proper training shoes.”

3. Keep a Log

“Your most important reference tool during training will track your mileage, times, and how you feel on any given day.”

4. Routine Rules

“Establish a regular schedule that you follow as consistently as possible.”

5. Feel the Energy

“Earl in your raining programs, you might feel sore and fatigued. But a few weeks later, you’ll feel your mind, body and spirit begin to transform…”

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