Training Tips for Your Best Half Marathon

Looking to push yourself this year, but need a little help? Check out these training tips from our favorite running coach, Mario Fraioli. His 13.1 steps will help you have a successful and enjoyable experience. You’ll be ready to ROCK your next half marathon in no time.

1. Run for a reason.

Preparing for a long race can be an arduous endeavor, even if you already have a few of them under your belt. Regardless of whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned road warrior, ask yourself one simple question: “Why am I doing this?” The answer to that question gives purpose to your chosen pursuit.

2. Train for at least 13 weeks.

13 weeks is a long enough period of time to safely build up your long run, weekly mileage and key workouts. However, it’s not so long that you lose motivation and get stale with your training.

3. Buy two pairs of shoes.

Having two fresh pairs of shoes on hand when you start your training helps extend the life of each pair by giving them ample recovery time between workouts. Just as your body needs to recover after a long run or key workout, so do your kicks.

4. Recruit a training partner.

A training partner can keep you excited and accountable. When the miles rise, workouts get more challenging or motivation starts to dip, rely on your running buddy.

5. Plan a 5K and 10K too.

Scheduling a 5K three to four weeks into training and a 10K three to four weeks before your half marathon will keep you motivated and provide a nice boost to your fitness. It will also serve as an indicator as to how well your training is coming along.

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