Security Checkpoints on Race Day

You’ll be required to pass through a security checkpoint before before entering your corral race morning. To ensure a speedy process, we recommend bringing as little as possible with you to the race.

If you do need to check items, gear check will be located on Washington Ave. You must use the clear bag provided to you at the Expo to check your items. Once you check your bag, enter the corrals by continuing to walk down Washington Ave., hanging a right on Empire Blvd.  and then head back up Flatbush Ave. to go through security.

If you don’t have a bag to check, go through security on Eastern Parkway, close to the Brooklyn Museum. Please make sure to grab any water/snacks you may need before entering the corrals, as once you’ve entered you’ll need to go through security again if you choose to exit. There will be porta potties inside the corrals.