Run to Eat, Eat to Run: New York Edition

Run to eat. Eat to run. However you prioritize running and eating, consider this your one-stop shop for nutrition and training guidance.

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We all have our reasons for running. Some people like the social aspect of joining a running group and mingling with friends while also doing something good for the body. Others love the thrill of race day and are always trying to run for that PR.

And some of us just like to eat.

Read on to learn about training for your half marathon, fueling your body post-run, and also find some of our favorite New York eats and add them to your list of places to visit Race Weekend!

Run to Eat

3 Training Ingredients for Your Fastest Half Marathon

Speaking of food, we’ve got just the ingredients for your fastest half marathon.

The half is one of the longest race distances that’s also approachable and relatively easy to run fast, compared with a marathon, which requires more fuel than you can store in your muscles.

1. The Long Run

Every runner should be doing a weekly long run—no matter what distance you’re training for. Long runs build your general endurance so you can run further, complete longer and more intense workouts, and help you maintain faster paces for a longer period of time.

During a 12- to 20-week half marathon training period, add a mile to your long run every one to two weeks but take a “recovery week” every four to six weeks. Run at least 11 miles during training to ensure you can complete the half marathon comfortably.

2. The Tempo Run

Tempo runs help push your endurance to new levels. More specifically, they increase your body’s ability to clear lactate from your blood stream, which is a byproduct of hard exercise.

Beginners can start with tempo intervals, which are simply two to five minutes at tempo pace with one to two minutes of easy running as recovery in between. Aim to complete roughly 15-20 minutes at tempo pace.

3. The Workouts

Specificity is the golden rule in running: Your training must be specific to your goal race. A half marathon-specific workout closely resembles the race. In its most basic form, you’ll run at half marathon pace for 6-8 miles.

Other workouts include two repetitions of a 5K distance at goal half marathon pace with two minutes of easy running as recovery, or finishing a long run of 13-18 miles with 3 to 5 miles at goal half marathon pace.

New York City running coach and lululemon ambassador Zack Schares has teamed up with Rock ‘n’ Roll and created a six-week training program beginning September 9. Are you in the area and interested in signing up? Register here.

Want more? Check out Competitor Magazine for more details on these training tips and tons of other running content.

Eat to Run

Time to Eat!

With all that half marathon training, your body needs FUEL.

But strictly carbo-loading or eating whatever you want isn’t always what your body needs.

Check out the 10 Best Post-Run Snacks to Refuel on the Tempo for all the details, and our abbreviated list below, complete with our favorite New York eateries to grab something when you’re out on your training runs (for you locals) or are here Race Weekend (for our visitors).


Where can’t you get a good bagel in New York? Some say bagels are so much better here because of the water. The bagel is great because it gives you ample carbs to refuel. Add peanut butter for an extra source of protein and unsaturated fats.

Check out Ess-a-Bagel (831 3rd Avenue), one of New York’s favorite bagel shops.


The salt content in pretzels provides an immediate pick-me-up.

While finding a good New York pretzel is easy thanks to pretzel carts and street vendors galore (especially near the parks!), if you’re looking for more of an experience, head to Radegast Hall & Biergarten in Williamsburg (113 N. 3rd Street), where you can get a Munich Pretzel with spicy mustard and sour pickles. Das gut!

Cereal & Milk

Cereal and milk provides carbs, protein, and many times vitamins, iron, and fiber. If you’re on the run, Milk Bar (Manhattan and Brooklyn) offers bottles of cereal milk to get the best of both worlds. It’s like drinking the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cornflakes!


Oatmeal is a great post-run treat because it’s filled with everything you need: carbs, protein and fiber to help keep you feeling fuller longer. Plus, you can add a little fruit or brown sugar to sweeten it up.

At OatMeals in Manhattan (120 W. 3rd Street), the toppings are endless!

Run to eat and eat to run and don’t forget to join us Race Weekend! The half marathon and brand new 5 Miler are on Saturday, October 14!