Carlsbad 5000 30-Year Legacy Runners

On March 29, the Carlsbad 5000 will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Six runners have participated in the previous 29 races. If you’re not already itching to run the upcoming event, then the stories of these six legacies are sure to change your mind!

Michelle Wilson never let’s anything stop her from running the Carlsbad5000, not even a hail storm! To find out why Michelle will be back for another encore appearance, CLICK HERE.

Peggy Ridley read Michelle Wilson’s Carlsbad 5000 tale with a smile. Both are in select company, one of the seven runners to participate in the previous 29 Carlsbad races. But if they experienced common ground, so, too, were they different. CLICK HERE to read up on Peggy’s 30 years at the Carlsbad 5000!