Wheelchair Race Information

Racing Wheelchair Division Rules

  • Racing wheelchairs shall be defined as a customized performance chair. IPC Athletics Rules will be enforced. For additional rules view: www.ipc-athletics.org.
  • Further the race will abide by the rules and policies of the recognized governing bodies of the sports of wheelchair racing, which do not allow the use of mechanical gears found on handbikes. For additional information contact: Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports USA www.wasusa.org and the International Paralympic Committee www.ipc-athletics.org.

Everyday Wheelchair Division Rules

  • Everyday wheelchairs shall be defined as a stock manual wheelchair.
  • The wheelchair shall have at least four functional wheels.
  • The overall length of the chair from outside of front casters/wheels to outside of rear wheel shall not exceed 100cm.
  • The rear wheels shall not exceed 70 cm in diameter. The front caster/wheels shall not exceed 8 inches/ 17.6 cm in diameter.
  • The rear seat height must be greater than 30 cm/ 13.6 inches. Persons of small stature may be exempt.
  • Only one plain round hand rim is allowed for each rear wheel. This rule may be waived for persons requiring a single arm drive chair.

No mechanical gears or levers shall be allowed. The chair must be manual.

No Handcycle Division

Due to safety issues on the course, and in accordance with International Paralympic Committee rules, NO handcycles (handbikes, handcrank devices or other mechanically gear driven devices) will be permitted in the race.