How to Train for the All Day 20K

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Running a 5K might not be a huge deal if you’ve been running even for a little while. But running four 5K races in the same day as part of the Carlsbad 5000 All-Day 20K? That’s roughly 12.4 miles of faster running over a shorter course, and that requires both some additional training and some specific training. If you’re committed to running four races in one day, you need to think about it from both angles—four shorter and faster runs and the cumulative mileage (and fatigue) you’ll be racking up.

Running the Carlsbad 5000 All Day 20K is a similar feat to running a half marathon, but it might just be a tad more fun! Need motivation? Think of what an accomplishment that will be and the bragging rights—and cool finisher medal—that will come with it!

Click here for a checklist of training ideas that can help you get through the day with a smile on your face!

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