Power Crunch- Your Protein Source


Power Crunch, the Einstein of Protein, is an innovative line of great-tasting protein bars, powders and ready-to-drink shakes that fuel one’s everyday pursuits and eliminates the guesswork in healthy eating. Each of its products come in a variety of flavors and include up to 20 grams of soy-free protein and five grams of sugar (or less), per serving. Power Crunch is proud to be the official bar sponsor of the Carlsbad 5000 race and encourages everyone to try the delicious bars and drinks during this weekend’s event at booth #111.

Power Crunch’s product line utilizes a highly advanced hydrolyzed whey protein called Proto Whey® that delivers “protein super-nutrition” and supports consumers’ bodies more effectively than any other source of protein on the market.

Proto Whey is created by breaking down normal whey protein to the smallest protein molecules called di and tri peptides. These protein molecules are absorbed more rapidly and completely by the body, so Power Crunch is the perfect fuel for a pre- or post-race boost. Consumers utilize all of the protein within the bars and receive the greatest nutritional benefit.

Whether you’re an elite runner in search of the perfect training supplement, an active mom in need of a healthy snack, or just a fitness enthusiast looking for the ideal source of daily protein, Power Crunch provides smart protein with great taste and texture. Power Crunch is available on shelves at top U.S. retailers, such as Trader Joe’s, WalMart, Vitamin Shoppe, Safeway, Publix and Ralph’s. The line of Power Crunch products include:

  • Original Bars (up to 14 grams of protein)—one of the nation’s top-selling protein bars, these light, crème-filled wafer cookie protein bars provide energy without weighing the body down. Flavors include Peanut Butter Fudge, Triple Chocolate, Peanut Butter Crème and French Vanilla Crème, Cookies & Crème, Wild Berry Crème and Chocolate Mint, with new flavors coming soon
  • Crisp Bars (up to 14 grams of protein)— these airy, crisp treats combine scientifically advanced nutrition with great flavor to offer consumers a gluten-free solution. Flavors include Chocolate Brownie Wonder and Sweet Vanilla Dream, with new flavors coming soon
  • Choklat Bars (up to 10 grams of protein)—available in both milk and dark chocolate, Power Crunch Choklat combines crunchy crisps of smart protein with the unparalleled taste of chocolate to make the perfect snack for the health-conscious chocolate lover
  • Blast Shakes (20 grams of protein)—creamy, refreshing protein drinks for consumption anytime, anywhere. Flavors include Double Chocolate and Vanilla Crème
  • Proto Whey Protein Powders (20 grams of protein)— a delicious mix of healthy nutritional science and a variety of tasty flavors, including Vanilla Crème, Double Chocolate, Cookies & Crème and Café Mocha

For additional information, visit www.powercrunch.com.