The Final Countdown: Are you Ready to Run, Rock and Roll?

LMK_7244On July 19th runners from all levels will gear up for the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon. As one of the nation’s leading health and well-being companies, Humana wants to keep you running down the right path all the way to a strong finish in Chicago. Whether this is your first or your fifth race, here are some tips to help you reach the finish line without looking back:

  • Stick with your plan, but listen to your body. By this point, you have probably settled into your training regimen – keep it up! But if your body tells you something else, listen. Adjust your training to stay healthy and finish the race before you. This may mean training that includes less running and more walking.
  • Hydration is KEY. Make an effort to keep your body hydrated. This means reaching for your water bottle even when you aren’t thirsty. Also consider knocking out all other beverages leading up to the day of the run. This will ensure that your body’s fluids will be replenished, maximizing your performance and assisting with digestion.
  • Rest, rest, rest! Your body needs to take some time off to avoid being overworked and strained. Take two days a week to allow your body to rest and recover from the stress of training.
  • Remind yourself why. We run for different reasons, but what are your personal goals for running? Remind yourself why you’re running the race and visualize how good it will feel to reach the finish line and your goal!
  • Take a deep breath. Proper breathing will keep you at ease during training and on the day of the run. Focus on your breathing while you run to maintain a good pace and heart rate.

You’ve done everything you can to prepare for a great run, now you can run for a great cause! Don’t forget to download the FREE Charity Miles app to benefit the charities of your choice for every mile you run! Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to select one of more than 25 national charities that are important to you. For every mile you log via the app, Charity Miles will then donate 25 cents to your chosen cause! Humana can’t wait to see you running for great reasons in the Windy City! And be sure to share how you personally #rockyourhealth gearing up for the marathon in Chicago at

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