Haunted History on Course

At the 2017 Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon you’ll pass by many of the city’s most haunted sites on course (see below). But don’t fear, we haven’t seen any ghosts…yet.

Congress Hotel

Congress Plaza Hotel – 520 S. Michigan Ave

You can’t help but get an eerie feeling looking up at the bold, blood red “CONGRESS HOTEL” sign lit up on the hotel’s roof. This hotel was built in 1893 to help house the traffic of The World’s Columbian Exposition, also known as The World’s Fair. This large hotel has a dark and mysterious past. Rumors hold that Al Capone and members of his gang owned the hotel and committed some gruesome acts here, but these theories have met some criticism. Al Capone isn’t known to have frequented the Congress Plaza as much as some other, more notorious hotels in Chicago. Mob rumors aside, if you find yourself staying in the South Tower of the hotel, keep an eye out for “Peg Leg Johnny,” the spirit of a hobo that was brutally murdered at the hotel. The North Tower is not much better. Many security guards have been quoted as seeing an apparition of a young boy playing.

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Oriental Theater

Death Alley – Behind Modern Day Oriental Theater – 24 W Randolph St

Known back then as the Iroquois Theater, the theater, advertised as “absolutely fireproof,” suffered a horrifyingly ironic fire on December 30th, 1903. As the fire blazed on, the fire doors locked trapping 2,000 patrons in the fire. When the fire was finally put out, 602 people were pronounced dead, 212 of them children.

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Auditorium Theater – 50 E. Congress Pkwy.

Known for its Native American ghost sightings.

Al Capone

Old Red Light District – Cermak Rd. & Michigan Ave.

Home to Al Capone’s Cullerton Hotel, this area has many records of paranormal activity.

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