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Turn Employees Into Rock Stars!

Setting a goal and training for an event is inspiring.  But crossing that finish line with rocking music, announcers calling your name and a medal being placed on your neck is empowering.  It’s a milestone that changes people and their lifestyle.

Our Rock Corporate program not only empowers employees to become Rock Stars but encourages them to come together as a team to reach their fitness goals.


Testimonials: Team Ewing @ Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona

My name is Doug York, I’m president of Ewing Irrigation Products, Ewing is a family owned business, third generation. Ten years ago, Ewing got involved with the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and for the last 10 years its been quite a ride.

Corporate wellness to us is extremely important because we believe that happy, and healthy and excited employees deliver great service to our customers. If you, as an employee, want to participate in this, we bring you here – we fly you here, we put you up in a hotel, we take care of all the expenses and the registration. All you have to do is commit to doing whats necessary to prepare to participate in the marathon.

You know the old adage health is your first wealth and I know that if I look at my health insurance costs, a lot of the costs are in the spouse. And so if I can get our spouse engaged, visa vi their employee, then we can hopefully have healthier families working together in the business. What I didn’t understand was that when they get together and work for exercise and for a common cause, what a great synergy it creates in your business and that’s what has been the biggest benefit.


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