Tips For Running In The Heat

Running in the Heat

Keep Your Training Going This Summer with These Heat Training Tips.

Dallas has it’s heat waves each summer with high temperatures. But don’t let that stop you from getting your training runs in. Here are some tips to keep you training through the hot summer months.

1. Get your training done early.
The most important thing is to get up and get your training done early before the heat of the day. I speak from many experiences of procrastinating and doing the run later in the day—the quality just isn’t good. If it’s hot, your brain can actually keep you from exerting that couple of extra percents out of yourself as a self-protection mechanism to prevent overheating.

2. Meet a friend.
Getting up to run early in the morning sucks, so I always plan to meet somebody. Find someone who lines up with your training and plan the day before to run together. It will be more fun and hold you accountable.

3. Stay hydrated.
If you have a morning workout or race, you’re not going to be able to hydrate the morning of only. Start hydrating a few days before. We always say, “Be pee see!” Look at the color of your urine to make sure it’s light yellow—not dark or clear. When it’s hot, you want to drink a more water, but you also don’t want to flush the electrolytes out of your body. Try mixing in sugar-free or low-sugar electrolyte mixes to prevent this.

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