Meet Your Dallas Tomorrow Chasers!

Pictured: Transamerica Tomorrow Chasers



Justin Hung has run in six half-marathons. However, in the last two years, he hasn’t run at all. Finding a reason to run again was part of what motivated him to become a Tomorrow Chaser, but it’s just a small piece. Justin’s youngest daughter was born with a congenital heart defect. At 15 days old, she underwent open-heart surgery. She spent a month and a half in the neonatal intensive care unit before she was able to come home. His daughter continues to have biannual cardiologist appointments, but Justin reports she is a happy, healthy child. For this reason, the American Heart Association and its fight against heart disease hold a special place with him. He’s proud to have the chance to help raise money for the cause.

“I was looking for motivation. My daughter is my motivation.” – Justin Hung



Beth Holmes makes it a point to exercise regularly, and she walks almost every day. Having lost a close friend to a stroke, heart health is extremely important to her. So, Beth didn’t think twice when given the chance to be a Tomorrow Chaser—even though she wasn’t a runner and has never participated in a race before. By doing this, she’s looking to represent “the walking person.” She cares a lot about what the American Heart Association represents because of its fight against heart disease. Beth comes to the office an hour early each day to work out and is using the gym often. Even better? Her son, who is a member of his college track team, is in her corner helping her along as her “mental coach.”

“I know the importance of being healthy, and I do everything I can to fit exercise into my life.” – Beth Holmes



The Tomorrow Chaser is Transamerica’s signature program that combines the challenge of running a half marathon with the pride of supporting a great charity. The Transamerica Tomorrow Chaser(s) will start the race dead last. For every runner that they pass, Transamerica donates $1 to a strategic nonprofit partner.

In Dallas, Transamerica is excited to be raising money for their longtime partner, the American Heart Association.