Mario Fraioli’s Winter Training Tips

  1. Have a goal. It can be difficult to get out and train when it’s cold and dark, but if your workout is bringing you one step closer to your goal or finishing a half marathon or setting a personal best, then it takes on a new meaning and becomes harder to skip. 
  2. Recruit a training partner. Going at it alone, especially in the winter, is rarely motivating or inspiring. Find someone to meet up with at least a few times a week for your long runs or more challenging workouts. A training partner will keep you accountable and add some fun to your workouts. 
  3. Get the right gear. Even when temperatures are below freezing, having the right gear can make running outside on a cold day a comfortable (and even enjoyable) experience. Learn how to layer with synthetic fabrics that insulate the body, wick moisture and ward off wind. 
  4. Adjust your workouts. If you’re heading outside to run, adjust for temperature, wind, snowy surfaces and wearing extra clothes. Don’t get too tied to your watch: focus on your effort level rather than trying to hit a specific mile split. 
  5. Hydrate like it’s summer.Don’t let the dry air of winter fool you. You will sweat just as much during the winter as you will during the summer. Stay on top of your hydration throughout the day and during workouts. Drink regularly and replace lost fluids. It will make your workouts more effective. 
Additional Winter Running Tips

A few tips from Editor-In-Chief of Competitor Magazine, Brian Metzler.

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