5 Tips for Cold Weather Running

DC Tips-for-Cold-Weather-Running

Don’t just survive, but thrive during winter training and
join us as we race to rock DC!

Running in cold weather conditions can be just as enjoyable an experience as a mild fall weather run if you dress properly for the occasion. Maximize your performance with these pro tips from WomensRunning.com, the Official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.

Tip #1: Layers first.

Layering is crucial for getting the most out of your cold weather running efforts. Consider using three layers as the absolute minimum; base layer, insulating layer and an outer layer. Depending on your body’s tolerance of the weather, you may want to use more or find you’ll need less once you’re properly warmed up.

Tip #2: Moisture wicking material still matters.

Similar to summer running conditions, moisture wicking material should serve as your base layer to maintain warm, dry skin.

Tip#5: Don’t Linger in Those Clothes Post Run

Cold chills can set in quickly as your body’s core temperature begins to decrease following a run, so it’s important to change clothes and take a warm shower or bath.

This is just a preview of the 5 Tips for Cold Weather Running, to read the full article or for more information, be sure to visit WomensRunning.com.

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