Guarantee Race Day Success with the Run-Walk Method

Want to know a secret? There’s no rule that says you have to run the entire time to call yourself a runner; it’s true! The walk-run method is a tried and true training technique used all over the nation and the world. We enlisted the help of, the Official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, to shine a spotlight on Don’t Shun the Run-Walk Method.

It’s an effective tool to get you to the Finish Line in a faster, more comfortable form, as well as useful in tough workout recovery.

Enlist these easy to follow tips to aid in your training to ROCK the nation’s capital in 2018. Don’t forget to pass it along to recruit your crew too!


Most beginner runners struggle to run between one to three miles at a time. Their actual time spent running is between 15-30 minutes per workout. Research shows that aerobic development peaks between 30-90 minutes of exercise, therefore, using the walk-run method allows beginners to increase their time spent running in the early stages of their training, overall lending to faster aerobic development.

Training with the walk-run method gives new runners time to recover their breathing and give their muscles a rest, an important note that reduces the likelihood of injury as they’re not stressing the body’s structural system beyond its current capabilities.


Many veteran runners simply refuse to acknowledge the value in the walk-run method and it’s application to their training. When correctly incorporated, it can be a smart way to boost recovery from long runs and prevent injury.

The biggest advantage of this method comes in handy for particularly stubborn runners. Rather than listening to their body and taking time to treat pains, no matter how small or big, many runners push past the pain during race weekend in pursuit of fast finish times.

Using the walk-run method is a necessary tool if you’re injury prone or nursing an ache, pain or bigger ailment.


Using the walk-run doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as easy as running one mile, then resting one minute for beginners, or running four minutes and walking one minute as you build up aerobic endurance to handle longer distances. The walk-run ratio intervals depend on your personal fitness level, but serves to help give your body time to recover as you condition your body, as well as preventing injury.


These are just three of the six walk-run benefits covered in the’s Don’t Shun the Run-Walk Method article. Head over to their website to enjoy the full article.

The walk-run method is a perfect training tool to aid you through the District course. The United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington DC Marathon & 1/2 Marathon offers some of the best on course experiences with a foot tour up close to America’s monuments and landmarks. Let the Run-Walk Method get you from start to finish whilst enjoying the ride along the way.

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