Meet your DC Tomorrow Chasers!


The Tomorrow Chaser is Transamerica’s signature program that combines the challenge of running a half marathon with the pride of supporting a great charity. The Transamerica Tomorrow Chaser(s) will start the race dead last. For every runner that they pass, Transamerica donates $1 to a strategic nonprofit partner.

In Washington D.C., Transamerica is excited to be raising money for their longtime partner, the American Heart Association.

Pictured: Transamerica Tomorrow Chasers


Eoin Elliffe works long days, and when he gets home, he takes care of his three boys. This doesn’t leave him much time for exercise anymore. Determined to get back into shape, he decided that becoming a Tomorrow Chaser was the perfect opportunity. Eoin said he wants to set an example for his children and to spend more time giving back to charity. Not only that, but his father has experienced heart complications in the past. So taking this on was a no-brainer. For Eoin, the fact that it raises money for the American Heart Association (AHA) is the icing on the cake. To train, he uses the Runkeeper app and runs every second day. He’ll also be joining the approximately 20 other dedicated runners in the Baltimore Run Club for twice-a-week sessions until the race.

“It’s crucial for us to raise awareness for something as important as heart health.” – Eoin Elliffe



For Suzie Obrou, it started with a simple New Year’s resolution. In 2017, she vowed to lead a healthier lifestyle by eating right and exercising more. And she also wanted to try something new. So when the opportunity to become a Tomorrow Chaser presented itself, Suzie jumped on it. Why? She’s never run a half marathon before. And she still can’t believe she’s doing it. Suzie admits that she’s a little worried but also excited for this chance she’s been given. What will push her is the knowledge that she’s running for a good cause. To prepare, Suzie will take part in the Baltimore Run Club sessions twice a week and hit the gym. She’s a huge advocate of Transamerica’s partnership with the American Heart Association and is happy that her run will benefit such a worthy organization.

“I’m ready to prove myself and test the limits of what I know I can do.” – Suzie Obrou