Train like the U.S. Presidents

The U.S. presidents have some impressive fitness strengths — and that is something worth talking about! From running marathons to playing team sports, America’s leaders have embraced various forms of exercise. Vanity Fair has profiled the most active presidents. See which commander in chiefs have commanded healthy lifestyles:

President Obama tosses a basketball in the Oval Office.

Barack Obama — Basketball is his choice sport. Although he did not play at the collegiate level, Obama still plays a mean game.

George W. Bush — Not only did the younger Bush run marathons, but he also played tennis, mountain biked and served as head cheerleader in high school.

Bill Clinton — He enjoyed jogging and golfing.

George Bush — The elder Bush played baseball at Yale and remains a huge fan of the sport.

Ronald Reagan — In his youth, Reagan played football and swam. He also enjoyed horseback riding.

Gerald Ford — He played football at the University of Michigan.

John F. Kennedy — JFK played touch football and played junior varsity football at Harvard. In addition, he liked to sail, play tennis and swim.

Teddy Roosevelt — He may have earned the Most Athletic President award. Roosevelt played tennis so frequently that he had a private tennis court built on the White House grounds. In addition, he enjoyed jogging around the Washington Monument. Roosevelt even went head to head against a professional boxer.

Have these leaders inspired you to get moving? Follow their lead by supplementing your running with fun physical activities. Check out this article that provides tips on how to vary your running regimen with cross-training. Whether you’re running, biking or shooting hoops, embrace an active lifestyle just like the U.S. presidents. Even if you’re not running for office, you’ll be fit and ready to take on your next Rock ‘n’ Roll race!