People Are Out There Running for Others

As every runner toes the start line, within them resides the story that carried them there. Those stories are made up of moments that culminate in milestones.

The history of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is made of moments and milestones created by runners just like you. In honor of our 20th anniversary celebration, we invite runners to share their most memorable running moments with us.

This is the story of Jennifer C. from Castle Rock, CO.

People Are Out There Running for Others

This was the first time I’ve entered a Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon and certainly not in the heat that I signed up for. This race I was asked to pace for someone. NOT just anyone either. Racer, Michael Kutcher, was celebrating a 25th anniversary of receiving the gift of life. He’s not only a heart transplant recipient, but he was also born with cerebral palsy. This was his first half-marathon and he chose the Rock ‘n’ Roll along with his company, Transamerica, to set their own goals.



I’ve never finished over the 2:00 mark, let alone gunning for 3:00. I’ve never been in “the back of the pack” in the 20 years I’ve been racing. What I experienced was exactly the same as the front: people pushing themselves and others to do their best. People out there for others, not their own personal times. Memorial shirts, sisters & brothers, friends and people that blew your mind being out there. It was an honor to run this with him, in his home town, surrounded by fellow runners, family and friends. At mile 1, he said “I can’t believe I’m doing this” and by mile 10, he managed to smile through the pain and finished strong at his goal time.

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The feeling of relief is shown in the picture above as he crossed the finish line. It was such an emotional moment for so many other reasons. Thank you Rock ‘n’ Roll for allowing this to happen by giving someone an outlet to be surrounded by such an awesome vibe on a monumental day. Much love to you.


Every runner has a story. Share your favorite moments or memories from running with Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.