Top Training Tips

You still have time to train and ROCK the Transamerica Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon!

Here are some tips from, the Official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, to get you ready for the big day!

1. Take Every Opportunity
“Not every day will give great conditions to train in, so make sure you take advantage of opportunities to squeeze in a run!”

2. Enjoy Training
“Plus, you will accomplish a goal that many wish to accomplish. So instead of fearing the marathon, set a goal and enjoy the training.”

3. Good Foundation
“Andrew Kastor also notes the importance of shoes: “Your feet are what carry you, but your shoes are your foundation. Go to your local running specialty store and get fitted in a shoe that’s right for you…””

4. Work Out In the Morning
“Tollefson also gives some guidance to those that work: “As hard as it is to wake up early and run, if the decision to head to the gym or eat dinner and watch Netflix is left to be decided after an 8-12 hour work day, you’ll lose every time.””

5. Find Inspiration
“”There are so many ways to get motivated,” says Andrew Kastor. “Post a moving quote on your bathroom mirror. Refresh the music on your MP3 player.””

For more tips and the full article, check out, here.