Go-Giver Recap: Running for the Heart of It

What a fantastic race day in Denver! 13.1 miles in the mile high city. Let’s give a big
shout out to all the runners and all the family members and friends who supported
them along the way. Did you see our Transamerica Go-Givers rocking it on the route?
Both Dichele Jackson and Alex Behm started from the back of the pack. For every runner
they passed, Transamerica pledged to donate a dollar to the American Heart

When they crossed the finish line, Dichele and Alex had passed 5,000 runners,
totaling a $10,000 donation to the American Heart Association! Congratulations on the
stellar performance, Dichele and Alex.

This is what happens when health and wealth intertwine for a great cause. To learn
more about the powerful connections between wealth and health, visit