Escape to Ireland this summer for the Affidea Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon and treat yourself to a once in a lifetime holiday that combines running, traveling, dining, adventure, exploration and so much more!

Visiting Ireland for the First Time? Here are some hints at what to pack:

  • Passport if travelling from outside of Ireland
  • Running shoes and kit (obviously!)
  • Raincoat – you’ll likely need it even in the middle of summer
  • UK/Ireland electrical adapter
  • A sense of humour – mostly needed for cab rides, carrying on in a pub, and to help ensure a good time. Tip: the Irish often sprinkle their conversations with curse words. Don’t be offended, they’re just being emphatic.

Irish Fun Facts:

  • Nearly 80 million people worldwide can claim to be part of, or descended from Irish roots, with about 41 million of those in the US alone.
  • 7.3 million tourists visit Ireland each year – more than the population itself!

The Dublin Pass is a sightseeing package which grants visitors free entry to 33 top attractions, museums and monuments in Dublin. With other benefits like Fast Track Entry and free airport transfer included, it’s the best way to explore Dublin, saving both time and money.

Cheers! Top 10 Things To Do:

1.  Take a Road Trip to Other Irish Cities
Can’t get enough of the music scene in Dublin?  Head to Galway for a city so engrossed with music – everything from traditional Irish folk, to modern U2 hits—it can be heard miles away. Or venture to Doolin in County Clare, the unofficial capital of Irish music.

2. Explore the Emerald Isle’s Coastlines
Walk through picture perfect harbor towns of County Cork, and revel in the foodie haven that is Cork City. Cork offers choices from cheap cafes to gourmet restaurants; and the freshest covered produce market, English Market.   Or upgrade a casual stroll to a full 16K hike along the Causeway Coastal Walk. Be prepared with walking boots and a backpack full of supplies.

3.  Tee Off by the Coast
Join the 240,000 other golf fanatics that take to Ireland’s famous golf courses each year. With over 400 clubs, including a third of the world’s natural links, there’s plenty of teeing off to be had!

4.  Appreciate the scholarly atmosphere at Trinity College, a university rich in history. Be sure to visit the library where the ancient Book of Kells is on display.

5.  Take an Irish cooking class.
When visiting an island nation, there’s nothing better than feasting on the sea’s bounty… sink your teeth into a freshly caught cod or gobble up those delicious Galway Bay oysters – a true delicacy.  There’s certainly more to Ireland than a land of potatoes and coddle, so pop into a local eatery and get a taste of it all!

5. Enjoy the Craic in Temple Bar.  Catch a local jam session – live music is a-plenty in Dublin!

6. Tour the Jameson Irish Whiskey Distillery– founded in 1780. Tour the facilities and sip a signature Jameson drink!

7. Feast on Irish Grub & Grog

8Explore the medieval city of Kilkenny complete with a regal castle, a huge medieval cathedral, and a prevailing sense of craftsmanship with vendors selling their unique wares in shops and boutiques throughout the city.

9.  Visit a different country – Northern Ireland (UK)
Northern Ireland is technically part of the UK, while the Republic of Ireland is independent.  Visit Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland and take a black taxi tour to get a better understanding of the bitter divide between the Republican and Loyalists.  Be sure to see the murals along Falls Road.  Head to County Meath to see the enormous Neolithic necropolis, Brú na Bóinne. Complete with a round white stone wall and grass dome, the site predates the Pyramids by six centuries and is still perfectly intact.  Amazing.

10. Kiss the Blarney Stone
State dignitaries, world politicos, actors and college students alike have all sought out the infamous Blarney Stone. Legend has it that one kiss of the stone at Blarney Castle and you are blessed with the gift of eloquence. Go on, pucker up!