Remix Challenge: 2 Days of Running, 3 Times the Bling

1 Weekend. 2 Days of Running. 3 Times the Bling.

Run the Saturday 5K and any distance on Sunday, and enjoy the fun times, 3 medals and most importantly the memories and accomplishment that will be yours!

Includes spinning guitar pick within the medal!


Conquer the Remix Challenge:

Step 1: Register and complete the 5K on Saturday 12 August.

Step 2: Register and complete any distance on Sunday 13 August.

Step 3: You are AUTOMATICALLY entered to complete the Remix Challenge when you register for both days.

Step 4: Finish both races and collect your finisher medals.

Step 5: Pick up your Remix Challenge medal on Sunday after you complete your second day of running!

Register for the Remix Challenge