Whether it’s a simple-to-use starter watch designed to measure pace, distance and time at the press of a button – or a high-end multisport watch providing the advanced metrics, heart rate, VO2 max and recovery time estimates needed by elite marathoners and tri-athletes – the Garmin Forerunner family offers a full spectrum of training options for runners at all levels who want to take their endurance, times and performance to the next level. Even the most basic Forerunner models feature a Virtual Pacer™ mode that lets users know when to speed up or slow down in order to stay on their target pace.

And when paired with a compatible smartphone, Forerunner enables users to stay connected on their runs with smart notifications, so they’ll never miss a call or text. Similarly, most Forerunner models also offer automatic uploads to Garmin Connect™, the free online community where runners can save, plan and share their efforts. And even when they’re not running, most Forerunner users can also benefit from activity tracking features that count their daily steps, keep track of sleep times, and measure the calories they’re burning.

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