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Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool

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Run the Las Vegas Strip at Night

The Strip only shuts down for one private event each year–us! Registration is currently closed, but click below to sign up to be the first to know when it opens.

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2016 San Diego Legacy Results

Searching for legacy results for the 2016 Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon? Find them here

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Finisher Badges

20 Years Running

You made your moment and became part of Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series' 20 Years Running celebrations.

Finisher - 13.1

Completed a Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

Finisher - 26.2

Completed a Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Finisher - 10K

Completed a Rock 'n' Roll 10K

Finisher - 5K

Completed a Rock 'n' Roll 5K

Finisher - 1 Mile

Completed a Rock 'n' Roll 1 Mile

Front of the Pack - 10%

Finished in the top 10%

Front of the Pack - 25%

Finished in the top 25%

Front of the Pack - 50%

Finished in the top 50%

Finisher - Remix Challenge

Completed a Rock 'n' Roll Remix Challenge

Jaybird Lucky Finisher

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earbuds.

2017 Boston Qualifier

Your time makes it that you could qualify for the 2017 Boston Marathon!

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Lead Singer

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Are you a Drummer? Check your results to discover your Runner Persona!


Are you a Keyboardist? Check your results to discover your Runner Persona!

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