Runner Information

GEICO Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon - Diverted 8M

Nov 12, 2017

  • Name Lynne Minish
  • Bib Number 10072
  • Gender F
  • Age 58
  • Hometown Rochester Hills, MI US

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Race Results

  • Finish Time 4:06:49 You beat your expected time.
  • Expected Time 4:40:00
  • 5 Km41:09 Pace13:15
  • 7 Mi1:37:37 Pace13:57
  • 10 Mi2:22:20 Pace14:14
  • Half - Pace-
  • 21 Mi2:46:23 Pace7:56
  • 24 Mi3:48:03 Pace9:31
  • Pace 10:39
  • Chip Time 4:06:49
  • Clock Time 04:22:53
  • Overall 23 / 31
  • Division 15 / 21
  • Gender 15 / 21

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Earned Badges

Lynne Minish's Earned Badge

  • 20 Years Running

    You made your moment and became part of Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series' 20 Years Running celebrations.

  • Finisher - Remix Challenge

    Completed a Rock 'n' Roll Remix Challenge

  • Boston Qualifier

    Your time makes it that you could qualify for the Boston Marathon!

  • Finisher - 26.2

    Completed a Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

  • Tomb Raider

    You ran like an Egyptian past the world’s brightest and most powerful beam of light

  • Fountain Flyer

    You danced your way past the choreographed water spectacle

  • Container Crusher

    Container Crusher- You could hardly contain yourself as your excitement pushed you past the Container Park

  • Tent Trailblazer

    You managed to dominate your marathon miles as you moved past the World Market Center Tents - The USA’s largest tents

  • Tower Trailblazer

    Your runner’s high catapulted you past the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States

Course Stats

Lynne Minish vs. Field


How Fast was Lynne Minish?

  • Screamin'
  • Jammin'
  • Strummin'
  • On Beat'
  • Rippin'
  • 5 Km
  • 7 Mi
  • 10 Mi
  • 21 Mi
  • 24 Mi
  • F
  • Screamin'
  • Jammin'
  • Strummin'
  • On Beat'
  • Rippin'

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Rock 'n' Roll Assessment

Lynne Minish is a


You strummed along the course towards rock star status. Keep rockin'! Thanks for jamming with us.

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