Big Ideas Become Reality – 2016 Las Vegas Medals

12, July 2016

Las Vegas—AKA Sin City, The City of Lights, The Entertainment Capital of the World, & Glitter Gulch – stands illuminated in brilliant neon light, enough so to keep our space dwelling astronauts up at night. It is this light that has attracted runners from every corner of the globe to come experience the Strip at Night.

Every participant has a unique story about their journey to the run the Las Vegas Strip at Night. Whether you have already committed, or are still in the decision process, your journey has begun. We (Team Las Vegas) are also on our journey to Las Vegas, a journey that concludes with throwing you the best running party you’ve ever seen.


The Medal

One of the many crucial elements to the race weekend story – is the bling.

Our design team is a creative bunch of individuals who leave a little bit of themselves in everything they create. From the design of web pages, to participant T-shirts – they tough many elements of the Las Vegas experience. When tasked with creating a unique medal unlike any other for Las Vegas; just like a runner at the starting line – they met the challenge head on.


Concept Stage

How do you make something that carries so much meaning in a small package?

During the concept phase, many ideas come from putting pen to paper. Possibilities at this stage are countless in number, but are left on the drawing room floor in search of the best medal possible.

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Our team experimented with various design cues stemming from ideas from past participant feedback, historical medal designs, and inspiration from the destination. The ability for the medal to move had the team intrigued, as Las Vegas is a city always in motion. Always glowing, always in action, all around you , all the time! The ideas were coming together.


Design Stage

With a bevy of ideas to choose from, fine-tuning was needed to advance into a final design. Here is where we see those early ideas come to life as the medal finish line approaches.

We always ask: “What do we want this medal to achieve?”

  • Reward for your journey to and conquering of the Las Vegas #StripatNight
  • Flashy portrayal of Las Vegas and the experience provided
  • A unique look & feel unlike any other medal in running
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Taking these into account, we made the call to do a Rock ‘n’ Roll take on the roulette wheel—a spinning medal with customized icons signifying all the elements of the event experience.

With the wheel locked in, the feature element of the medal was in question. The guitar is the signifying element of Rock ‘n’ Roll. With a massive pre-race concert, and music on course from start to finish, this was logical.

But Vegas is epic because…it’s Vegas! No other skyline is as unique and as recognizable as the one here, and that was an element we’ve yet to include from years past. The skyline was the call, and the final sketches were planned to bring the whole piece to life.


Creation Stage

With the final concept agreed upon, the home stretch was in sight!

With a skyline so epic, the challenge was to incorporate as many of the critical elements as possible in a 360-degree fashion to surround the Rock ‘n’ Roll roulette wheel. With some savvy sketch work by the team, all the highlights were “looped” in: Welcome to Las Vegas sign, Luxor pyramid, High Roller at the LINQ, Paris, NYNY, Stratosphere, and the Bellagio fountains.

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In true Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas fashion, the tradition of the glow-in-the-dark medal had to live on. For the first time, we were able to incorporate a multitude of colors that would glow, allowing this medal to literally shine while in light or dark settings. The array of neon lights Vegas is known for was going to emanate from this piece, more than we had ever seen before.

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Once the color was added, we finally arrived at the finish line. The design, marketing, and event operations teams gathered to see and agree that we found a winner. The challenge of tying in all the symbolic elements of Vegas, neon lights, and the experience of running the #StripatNight were epically conveyed in pieces of metal to be awarded on the evening of November 13.

The journey of the medal is complete and will be waiting for you at the finish line on the Las Vegas #StripatNight.

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