Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas: The Medal History

The Las Vegas Finisher Medal collection has grown, glown and spun its way to being one of the most sought after in the running world.  We take great pride in owning the #1 spot in the medals category of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series’ annual What Rocked survey where thousands of participants cast votes.

Take a run back through the years with us and see all the medals, dating back to 2011 when we first ran the Las Vegas Strip at Night.


Most recently, we amped up our medals in 2018, with a double spinning and glowing design for the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K medals. These were some of the most epic medals spinning in two different directions and showcasing Vegas at the center of it all with dice in the middle of the medal. Plus is glows in the dark, making it the perfect way to end your Las Vegas #StripAtNight!

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We took the famed Las Vegas skyline for a “spin” with the design for the marathon, half marathon and 10K medals. The ring of icons and font within the black circle glowed-in-the-dark, making these a must-wear accessory to all post-race celebrations. With a record number of Saturday 5K participants, we had to up the ante with a sleek black medal with flashy blue glow on the 5K text.

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This was a big first for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, multiple spinning pieces on one medal. This medal screamed “Las Vegas” about as loud as it could, with the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign morphed into a real, live, spinning slot machine. No details were left unattended to, as the spinning pieces revealed the mileage being tackled: 1-3-1 for half marathoners and 2-6-2 for marathoners. The back of each piece showed a famous slot machine icon resembling the same number on the front (1 diamond for the 1 pieces, 2 cherries for the 2 piece, 3 bananas for the 3 piece, etc.)

The 5K took on a clean look with 5 and King cards stacked on top of each other with a glitter-infused crown on the King. The 10K resembled a 3D stack of 4 poker chips, leaving those who earned it feeling like they hit the jackpot!

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In 2014 we implemented our first rendition of playing card medals, changing the rules/numbers to suit our runners appropriately. The green circular design in the center of the card glowed in the dark and was a flashy accessory for those hitting the nightclubs Sunday after the race!

The inaugural Saturday night 5K brought out a jackpot worthy combo of a five die and a King card, with an intricately detailed design unlike anything we had ever pulled off before.

A Series first: first medal design tattoo by a race participant!

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This brought us a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series first: sublimated ribbons. In runner’s terms, these were the shiny ribbons we could print designs on, breaking away from the plain and scratchy ribbons we had used since the inception of the Series. Attached to the new Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series branded black and red ribbons was a classic poker chip designs with the green ‘suits’ glowing in the dark Las Vegas night.

With our Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon & 1/2 Marathon race the same day (in the morning) as Las Vegas, over 200 daring participants took on the “SA2LV Challenge”, running the half marathon in both cities on the same day! This awarded them with the first ever, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series rotating medal.

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We maintained the glow-in-the-dark flare in 2012 adding an all black skyline including the loop-de-loop on the famed New York New York roller coaster! Notice the old school ribbons…

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The race moved from morning to evening in 2011 so what did we want our medals to do? Glow-in-the-dark after we awarded them to finishers. We highlighted the night more than ever with a glowing moon and Las Vegas skyline.

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Wait and see what we will come up with next!  Registration is now open for ALL distances! Secure your spot today and we’ll see you in November.