Race Crew


Rock n Roll Liverpool are on the lookout for volunteers to join the team! Volunteers provide essential support across many areas of the event including; athlete registration, start and finish lines, wayfinding, water stations and course marshals. For descriptions on all the roles we have available please see the Role Descriptions tab below.


To sign-up as a volunteer, please click here.

For more information please click on the links below or contact volunteersliv@competitorgroup.com

Your mobile number will enable us to contact you in case of any fine detail we need.




  • Official Race Crew Tee
  • Donation given to groups of 10+ volunteers
  • Earn volunteer service hours and invaluable experience for your CV
  • Be part of a global sporting event
  • Help thousands of athletes achieve their running goals
  • Make friends and become part of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Liverpool team
  • Have a great time!

Race Crew Volunteer Coordinator

E-mail – volunteersliv@competitorgroup.com.

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Volunteer Coordinator. Some further information exchange may be needed, to ensure that we understand your requirements fully. This is where providing your (mobile) phone number is important, as sometimes it's easier to get finalise details by phone. Nearer to race day, you will get all the info about your tasks, joining instructions etc.

May I bring a friend?

Yes you can. There are many occasions when friends sign up together, and wish to work in the same area. When you sign up, please include your friend's information, or encourage them to sign up as well. You will receive joint e-mails about your involvement.

What if I cannot attend?

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible by e-mail or phone. There are many reasons why volunteers find they cannot attend. The most important thing is to tell us as soon as possible, as we can then put contingencies in place. We always appreciate that you volunteered in the first place, even though circumstances may dictate otherwise.

What if I cannot stay for the entire shift?

Once you sign up, we are counting on you to stay for the full shift. Sometimes the shift may seem over-staffed and slow at the beginning, but often we are preparing for a rush. We count on each volunteer to stay until the end of the shift.

However, we realise there could be an emergency, and if this occurs, we would appreciate if you contact the volunteer coordinator by phone or text before leaving.

Can I split the shift with a friend?

No, sorry. Shift times are predetermined because it is difficult to arrive or leave in the middle of a shift. Volunteers must remain for the full length of the shift: we cannot replace you if you leave. However, some shift times can be flexible - for example at a water station, when the rush eases off, it may be possible to leave early.

What do I do if I do not receive my Race Crew confirmation e-mail or phone-call?

Final confirmation e-mails are sent 7-14 days prior to race day. If it is less than a week to the race, and you still don't know all the information you need, please e-mail the volunteer coordinator with your query. At the worst case, on race day, come to the volunteer check-in at the Echo Arena - there will always be tasks to help with.

Are meals provided?

Volunteers near the Start/Finish area will be provided with food vouchers. Other volunteers on the course will be provided with a snack and bottled water. However, bringing your own snack and drink is also highly recommended.

How should I dress?

The race is in late May, so the weather can still be quite cold, or it can be raining, or very hot! So you should bring layers and waterproofs if required. If you are on an outside shift, a check of the weather forecast beforehand is adviseable. Remember, that standing outside for a long time is normally unusual, so be prepared for any cooling effect of wind etc. Please wear shoes that you are comfortable with for standing for long duration . You will receive a Race Crew T-shirt that you should wear, that identifies you as a part of the official Rock 'n' Roll Race Crew.

What should I bring with me?

As little as possible. There will be no storage for personal items on-site. Almost all areas will have a corner where items can be left, but it will not be secure. So we highly recommend bringing as few personal items as possible. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Can children volunteer?

Yes, but there are restrictions. Normally, children will be part of an organised group, such as the Scouts, who will have their own supervision. Other children must be supervised by an adult volunteer that he/she knows, such as a relative.

The tasks performed will be with the group that includes the supervising adult in close proximity, such as at a water station.

The minimum age for someone to work on their own, or as a marshal on the race route, is 17years.

Do volunteers receive a discount on race entry fees?

Sorry, no.

What if I'm unable to stand for long periods of time?

Please provide the Volunteer Coordinator if you have any special needs. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Race Crew Volunteer Assignments

How are positions assigned?
All positions are assigned in-person at Volunteer Check In when your shift begins. We do this to remain as flexible as possible. This helps ensure that our participants have a great experience. If you do have a position preference, please let us know when you check-in for your shift.

What positions are available?
Below is a description of every position available at each of the volunteer shifts. Please note that not all positions and shifts listed below will be available in every city. For a complete listing of available shifts, please refer to the website or to the online registration system.

Health & Fitness Expo:

Setup (Wednesday or Thursday only – varies by event)
A behind-the-scenes look at the Expo before it is set up! Race Crew Volunteers are needed to help setup the participant T-shirt area and sometimes the Participant Check In area.

Participant Check In / Registration
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to issue registered participants their race numbers and packets of important information. GREAT FOR GROUPS OF 20-30 (VARIES BY EVENT).

T-shirts & Swag Bags
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to distribute race participant T-shirts and swag bags. GREAT FOR GROUPS OF 10-15.

Souvenir Store
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to stock souvenirs and clothing, as well as assist participants within the store. Race Crew volunteers will not be asked to work with a register or handle cash.

Race Crew Volunteers are needed to greet excited participants as they enter the Expo and answer FAQs.

Start Line:

Start Corrals
Each corral is numbered and corresponds with the participant’s number (based on estimated finishing time). Race Crew Volunteers are needed to direct participants to the correct corral and to see them off! GREAT FOR LARGE GROUPS OF 20-50 (VARIES BY EVENT).

Gear Check
Each participant is issued a gear bag to be used for any personal items. Race Crew Volunteers are needed to assist participants with checking their gear bags and placing them in the correct numerical order. GREAT FOR GROUPS OF 20-50 (VARIES BY EVENT).

Refreshments Tents
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to set up and distribute water, Gatorade, fruit, and other refreshments to participants before the start of the race.

Race Crew Volunteers are needed to point participants in the right direction on race morning. The Start Line venue can be overwhelming, so we need outgoing, vocal volunteers.

Shuttle Drop-off
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to help participants de-board the shuttles from various drop-off locations and direct them to the Start Line.

Runner Drop-off
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to play air traffic controller for the day! Volunteers with strong voices will direct participants and cars in the Runner Drop-off zone on race morning.

VIP Gear Check
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to setup and collect VIP gear bags from participants and place them numerically.

Medical Tents
Volunteers are needed to staff medical tents and assist runners with minor injuries in the Start Line area. *Please note that Medical volunteer registration is separate from Race Crew Volunteer registration.

Finish Line:

Gear Return
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to facilitate the organization of gear check bags, and return gear bags to each participant. GREAT FOR GROUPS OF 20-50 (VARIES BY EVENT).

Secure Zone Refreshments
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to distribute water, Gatorade, fruit, PowerBar, Chocolate Milk, and other food items after participants cross the Finish Line. GREAT FOR GROUPS OF 25-50.

Race Crew Volunteers are needed to facilitate the organization of gear check bags, and return gear bags to each VIP participant.

Shuttle Pick Up
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to assist participants boarding the shuttles pre and post-race.

Race Crew Volunteers are needed to keep time on hand-held stopwatches to ensure the accuracy of the official participant race times.

Medical Tent
Volunteers are needed to staff medical tents and assist runners with minor injuries in the Finish Line area. *Please note that Medical volunteer registration is separate from Race Crew volunteer registration.

On Course:

Water Stations
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to hand out water, Gatorade and Gu along the course. Groups may also brand/theme their stations (with approval from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series). Please direct any questions to the Volunteer Coordinator. GREAT FOR GROUPS OF 20-50.

Relay Transition Zone
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to help setup the on-course relay transition zone, as well as direct participants. GREAT FOR GROUPS OF 10-20.

Split Point
Race Crew Volunteers are needed to direct participants at any point at which courses diverge. The goal of this group is to ensure that all participants stay on the correct course. GREAT FOR GROUPS OF 5-10.

It is Your Right to:

  •  To receive the orientation, training and supervision necessary to do the task.
  • To feel that your efforts have real purpose and contribute to the organization’s mission.
  • To receive feedback and evaluation on the work that you perform.
  • To provide input on ways your tasks might be better performed.
  • To be treated with respect and as an equal partner within the organization.
  • To be trusted with confidential information necessary to carry out your assignment.
  • To expect that your time will not be wasted by poor planning or coordination of the event organizers.
  • To be covered by event general liability insurance while volunteering during the event.
  • To be sent confirmation materials via mail and/or email with instructions and details for the shift(s) you selected.

It Is Your Responsibility:

  • Not to take on more responsibility than you can handle.
  • To meet time commitments or to provide appropriate notice so alternate arrangements can be made.
  • To perform the tasks assigned to you to the best of your ability.
  • To remain flexible when being assigned your task(s).
  • To follow organizational policies and procedures.
  • To respect those confidences entrusted to you.
  • To be open-minded and respectful towards opinions shared with you.
  • To notify the organization in advance of absences or schedule changes that may affect them.
  • To read all confirmation materials sent to you prior to your volunteer shift.