Meet Jane & Her #RNRLosAngeles Moment!

Meet #RnRLosAngeles runner, Jane, from California. We’d like to thank her for sharing her Rock ‘n’ Roll moment with us. Check it out below!

“The 2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles was my first half marathon. It happened to fall on the one year anniversary of the completion of my treatment for Stage 3 Cervical Cancer. I had been given a 50:50 prognosis, and a year later, was really happy to just be alive.

I was about 100 pounds overweight, and decided I wanted to do something epic, and a half marathon seemed to qualify.

I started running, well, it was really more of a shuffle, about 6 months before the race. My goal was simply to not have to be picked up by the truck that picks up stragglers at the end. Crossing the finish line was probably one of the most emotional moments I can recall. I finished in 3:18 and was super proud of that time.

I have since lost 70 pounds, completed three Tough Mudder races, and a 2nd half marathon.

I have decided that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon will always be MY race, and I will run it every year. No matter where I live or how far I have to travel to get here. This is my race. Thanks for being here. “

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