The EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 will be a dynamic showcase of the social, sport, urban and environmental evolution of Madrid. Therefore, the Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 will not only highlight information and training strategies to innovate the field of athletics, but also to develop and raise awareness to the respect and care for our environment.

One of the aspects which will highlight in the EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 will be the development of awareness-raising, information and training strategies that promote an adequate use of spaces and frameworks in which the test will be developed for its innovation in the field of athletics.

To achieve this will be operating the following initiatives:

  • Recycling campaign to racers and fans.
  • Reinforcement of maintenance and cleaning of the strategic points to a high environmental sensitivity.
  • Deployment of environmental infrastructure: ECO toilets, showers environmental, recycling bins, etc.
  • Topographic and environmental study of the route that will make it possible to establish requirements for the care and conservation of the routes.
  • Creation of green volunteers, suitably trained and responsible for environmental jobs, refreshments, hydration and health compliance.
  • Implementation of an awareness campaign among racers, fans, spectators and organization aimed at the assimilation of rules for an environmentally conscious event.

With all these initiatives, the EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 will continue to implement an avante-garde approach that will have an impact on respect and care for the environment along with other services such as the health, we will continue to push forward innovations to deal with problems on a global level.


In collaboration with the Consorcio Regional de Transportes, we will seek to promote the usage of public transportation during the EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2. Among them stands out the edition of a special transport plane “attached to the” EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 will disseminate tourist passes that will make visiting the city on the during this occasion convenient and easy.


The EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 features a team of volunteers from Environmental Madrid, whom will serve as a key element in the awareness and maintenance of the environment during this event. They will be present at the Expodepor event to develop informational activities and to raise awareness o, as well as to test and carry out the monitoring of the environmental measures introduced.


The green areas present during the race, especially the Buen Retiro, will be well protected.

This environmentally conscious event demonstrates that everybody wins with respect for the environment; the runners get to enjoy a healthy and beautiful urban Madrid, and at the same time not causing harm to the environment.

The EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 and the Government of Madrid are grateful for the work and cooperation of all those involved in the development of the event (athletes, public, volunteers, staff of organization) to make sure all measures are successful.