The EDP Rock’n’Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ and the UCJC are watching over the health of runners

Logo UCJC 10x10The organization of the EDP Rock’n’Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ and the Universidad Camilo José Cela, have created an Investigation Project to obtain more in depth knowledge about some physical and physiological conditions in which runners end the competition.

If you would like detailed information on dehydration, glucose concentrations and electrolytes in blood and muscle damage at the end of the competition send an e-mail to and we will answer with precise information about the project. (*)

The procedures in which you will participate are quick and simple:

  • Weighing before and after the competition in the areas of exit and finish line.
  • Having a blood sample drawn at the end of the race in the finish line area.

In the days following the competition we will send you a report via e-mail with the results, compared with the other runners of your distance, as well as recommendations so that you can take on the next competition in better conditions.

*Limited to the first 50 runners of the 10-k, 50 runners of the ½ marathon and 200 runners of the marathon who write to the e-mail address provided above.