Madrid is Golden


The EDP Rock ‘ n’ Roll Madrid Maratón & ½ receives the Gold Label, the highest recognition of excellence awarded by the IAAF 

It was done by means of request, but once again logic has been imposed. That the Marathon of our capital was among the best in the world is something that has not escaped anyone who was even minimally informed. Now, in addition, it has been ratified by the IAAF. The highest body of world athletics has recognized its prestige by granting its highest award, the Gold Label.
The Gold Label places the EDP Rock ‘ n’ Roll Madrid Maratón & ½ to the height of races so admired like New York, London or Berlin. It’s the best amongst the best. What’s more rewarding is that the distinction doesn’t bear fruit from subjectivity, but from a strict score board that relates to multiple criteria’s: from the level of elite athletes to the broadcast by television, through to the services offered to participants (an aspect in which Madrid stands out). And it’s that, time and again which has been responsible for the repeated excellence on the day by the Organizers: “In Madrid the Runner must be above all else.”Whatever effort or resources we have will be focused on them”.

The news cannot arrive at a better time, just when the registrations of the next edition are already marching to record pace. A boost to continue working tirelessly in the face of April 23rd, when the city will look for the first time the distinctively Golden.

Each time quicker and more exciting, is the course. A course that, after multiple changes, has made it possible to use more strides (something that has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of the IAAF, who pointed out the fluidity of the Madrid route). In this sense, a must, is to thank the support that has always shown the testament of Comunidad de Madrid, the City Council of, the Municipal police and Traffic agents, the Samur Civil protection and other municipal services.

Last but not least, we thank all our sponsors, friends and supporters of the race, the runners that made Mapoma big, to the runners that in these glorious modern times have led the EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Maratón & ½ to the top of its field and of course, to our dear and tireless volunteers who without their continuous and faithful help this distinction would not have been possible and are the faithful reflection of the excellence of our race. Apologies, your race.