Return and Try to Cross the Finish Line of the EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon!

If you were close to crossing the finish line of the EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 but couldn´t do it, we want you to return in 2018 in order to get the experience of being golden by crossing the emblematic and historic finish line of Madrid.

This is a challenge worth trying again! For this, we have put on a unique promotion dedicated to the runners who were not able to finish the race after having passed the 25 km mark.

All of the runners who withdrew from the EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 at the 30km mark and beyond can run the streets of Madrid again in the coming year, but this time you can register completely free! Those that made it to the 25km mark, but couldn´t make it to the 30km mark still get an opportunity to return with a 50% discount in your registration for 2018!

All of the runners who have the requisites for the promotion (withdrew after the 25km mark in the 2017 edition) will automatically receive a code to register by email, and instructions on how to use the code, and the rules of the promotion. The runners that don´t receive the code, but qualify for the promotion, can contact the organization for their code by emailing

  • Date of promotion: 07/1/17 – 12/31/17
  • Discounts:
    • Withdrew in between kilometer 25 to 30: 50% Discount
    • Withdrew after kilometer 30: 100% Discount
  • The registrations are personal and untransferrable, you will not be reimbursed

Enjoy the victory at the finish line in Madrid. A city worth not only exploring but conquering!