Participants will use the dorsal “MYLAPS BibTag” to determine and monitor your time. On the back of the bib, you can find a chip (tag) and a foam pad. Please read the instructions below so that your time is taken correctly after the race.

Tips to ensure that the chip controls your time correctly:

  • Put the back on your chest so that your number is visible to everyone. Do not cover your number with a jacket or with your hands when you are racing on the timing mats. By please pay attention when you use a clock on carpet output and goal
  • Never double or spoil the number. Especially where is the BibTag
  • Use the four (4) safety pins in the corners of your bib. Do not puncture the BibTag
  • Do not remove the foam on the BibTag pad
  • If you have your own MYLAPS ChampionChip, you can leave it in your shoe. Your BibTag time will not be affected

After the race you can stay with your dorsal-chip, or you can throw it in the trash (plastic).


You put a MYLAPS BibTag?




Do not do this with your BibTag


Explanation: Do not block the signal of your BibTag by activating your watch while crossing a timing mat.


Your bib should only go on the middle of your chest.
Make sure the dorsal is hooked securely with 4 pins in the four corners of the dorsal fin.