Hall of Fame


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Heavy Medals Hall of Fame recognizes the outstanding achievement of enrolled Heavy Medalists for the calendar year. Official Heavy Medalists will be inducted into the Hall of Fame once they have completed 15 qualifying distances on the 2017 Tour Stop schedule.

Complete 15 qualifying 2017 events

2016 Heavy Medals Hall of Famers

Obafemi A.
Hyalker A.
John A.
Kelly B.
Brian B.
Karen B.
Noah B.
Michael B.
Melissa B.
Kristal B.
Jason B.
Laura B.
Gisela B.
Karen B.
Justin B.
Breanna B.
Trinity B.
Jeff C.
Jennifer C.
Nicole C.
Susan C.
Ronald C.
Lucero C.
Wesley C.
Kerianne C.
Charles C.
Lisa C.
Jeremy C.
Anthony C.
Nichole C.
Natalie D.
Cory D.
Mariel D.
Joel D.
Marissa D.
Elena D.
Almi D.
Dominique D.
Heather D.
Mickael D.
Arlene E.
Michelle E.
Larry E.
Michael E.
Courtney Beth E.
Aidin E.
Brian E.
William F.
Chris F.
Rebecca F.
Monique F.
Brittney G.
Rebecca G.
Mitchell G.
Veronica G.
Kevin G.
Alan G.
Dora G.
Oscar G.
Daniel H.
Hope H.
Larry H.
Joseph H.
David H.
Thomas H.
Jared H.
Greg H.
Fred H.
Jose H.
Dariel H.
Amy H.
Jamie H.
Kristy H.
Steve H.
Elaine H.
Ryan I.
Ardee J.
Danilo J.
Samantha K.
Mike K.
Sean K.
Timothy K.
Shirley L.
Melinda L.
John L.
Deborah L.
James L.
Kteetra L.
Laura L.
Brian L.
Jen M.
Steve M.
Henry M.
Adrian M.
Mary M.
Carole M.
James M.
Tiki M.
Joseph M.
Rodney M.
John M.
Tanya M.
Jennifer N.
Dennis O.
Andrew O.
Rafael O.
Paula P.
Kelly P.
Aaron P.
Patrick P.
Gonzalo P.
Kristen P.
Richard Q.
Gima R.
Victor R.
Cassirae R.
Sherry R.
Brooks R.
Josie R.
Josh R.
Erika S.
John S.
Laura S.
Briana S.
Jon S.
Kamika S.
Julie S.
Wm Bart S.
Alan S.
Stiliyana S.
Arthur S.
David S.
Chuck T.
Christina T.
David T.
Reginald H T.
Taryn T.
Elliot U.
Sindatuk Jun U.
Jorge V.
Jessica V.
Emily V.
Quinton V.
Chuck V.
Margo V.
David V.
Eduardo V.
John W.
Odiesha W.
Patricia W.
Eric W.
Sean Y.
Cristine Z.
Kevin Z.
Zachary Z.

Not Pictured

Mike N.

Matthew F.

Nathaniel D.

Donald L.

Terri R.

Cary Y.

Dan K.

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What will Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals Hall of Famers receive?

Heavy Medals Hall of Famers will receive a vanity bib to mark their achievement for the 15th event and each event thereafter. They will also receive an induction package that includes the Hall of Fame Medal, a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series backpack and more. The name and photo (with permission) of each 2016 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Hall of Famer will be displayed on our website and at each expo in 2017.

Do I receive anything extra for completing the most events within the Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals Hall of Fame?

The Heavy Medals Hall of Famer(s) that completes the highest number of qualifying events in the calendar year will receive a one-of-a-kind plaque to commemorate their rockin’ year!

Will International events count toward earning Heavy Medals Hall of Fame status?

Yes! Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series events outside of North America will count towards your Heavy Medals total. Pack your bags!