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Boom Box

Fernando Landeros was impossible to miss at the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon. He was the guy with a beard James Harden would admire and a mini boom box strapped across his back and hanging at his side. Landeros blasted everything from classic rock, hip hop to the spiritual “Chant” by Benedictine Monks.

“It’s all about varying the pace for me,” said Landeros, 36, a musician who lives in Los Angeles. “I don’t want to focus on one pace. It’s more fun.”

Landeros’ musical vibe plays well on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. Not so much when he runs trail races, where runners like to be at one with nature.

“People tell me, “Shhhhh. Be quiet,’” said Landeros, who plays the guitar, bass and drums. “But I still take it.”

He ran the Catalina 50K in January, “And some girl looks at me and says, ‘C’mon, this isn’t the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon!’ But I said, ‘I’m reppin’. Don’t hate, yo.”

Landeros began running in 2014, inspired after he had an uncle die from a fall he suffered during a heart attack.

“That changed my life,” said Landeros, who joined running clubs.

A cousin who lives in Mexico started running to lose weight after having a baby. Landeros has his own weight-loss story. He weighed close to 300 pounds shortly after high school but now tips the scales at 180.

He inspired his younger sister to start pounding the pavement and now she’s run a half marathon.

Said Landeros, who finished in 5 hours, 24 minutes, “It’s all about motivating others.”