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How to celebrate your first race? With a finish line selfie.

When asked by a bystander if they were related, Mary Blue, 62, and her daughter Dionne Blue 45, answered in unison, “We’re mother and daughter!”. They celebrated by taking a celebratory “selfie” with which they could capture a very special moment for the two of them.

The elder Blue, who hails from the Dallas suburb of Mansfield, had just completed her very first race. “I’m overwhelmed!. I’m so excited that I got to do this. I’ve had some health issues of late, and I shouldn’t have been able to do this, but I DID IT. And it feels amazing! When I finished, I cried, i couldn’t help it.”

When asked why she entered her first race at the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon, Mary Blue laughed and pointed at her daughter. “It was the birthday girl’s idea!”

Dionne, who now lives in Evansville, Indiana, made the trip back to Texas for the race and to celebrate her birthday.

“I call it Project 45”, said Dionne. “13.1 miles for my birthday.” A veteran of five previous half-marathons, the younger Blue thought that for her birthday weekend, she would race with her mom. “I figured, ‘Why not?’. She’s 62 and I’m turing 45. No better time than now, right?”.

As they reflected back on the race, the two agreed on one thing. Mary started, “The best part is…” and at that point Dionne joined in, “that we were able to do this together!”