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Love at the Finish Line

For Chelsie Daniels, finishing the Humana Rock ’n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon is just a beginning.

When she crossed the finish line, her boyfriend Christopher Hill was waiting not only with congratulations, but with a proposal and an engagement ring.

“I was just so happy to see the finish line and Chris and thought he was just going to hand me my medal,” said Chelsie. “But then I saw his poster and it hit me all at once that I was getting engaged!”

The pair met a year ago, on what Christopher described as “the longest date in history” as they bounced from a group meet-up, which turned into drinks at a bar and then another.

“We’ve talked every night since then,” added Chelsie.

Smiling, Christopher offered, “I knew immediately. I knew she was the one.”

As for running Chelsie said, “I started running in 2012 with Team in Training and have been avid runner since then. I found out I was pregnant in November and I’d already signed up for this race so I was like, well I kinda need to still do it and I haven’t really run since then.”

“So I was literally with Jesus and Gatorade today,” she said laughing.

As for all of the excitement of the day Chelsie paused, “It will probably all seep in when I finally sit down somewhere and think about it.”

“I had a great time! All the people on the course really encouraged me to keep going. I would have sat down at mile 6 and stopped but everyone was really supportive. It was an amazing race!”