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We are excited that your students will be joining us on April 29, 2018 for KiDS ROCK Nashville presented by YMCA of Middle Tennessee! At KiDS ROCK Nashville, your students will become marathon or half marathon finishers by completing the first 25.2 miles of a marathon or 12.1 miles of a half marathon at their own pace with support from teachers or parents.  Their training will then be rewarded with the opportunity to run their final mile together, completing the marathon distance of 26.2 miles or half marathon distance of 13.1!

This page is a home base for all team captains participating in this year’s event. To help you recruit more students to join in on the race day excitement, we have created a resource center for you to download registration documents and fact sheets to distribute to friends and family.

If you have any questions in regards to registration or school roster updates, please contact us at

Best of luck in your training this school year and look forward to seeing y’all in April 2018!

Special Offers for our Teachers!

As a thank you to all our parents and teachers who recruit and help get our rock stars ready for race day, we want to reward you with special offers from our partners! Click here to view offers during race weekend.

Important Registration Documents:

  • 2018 Paper Registration Form*
  • 2018 Paper Registration Form-Spanish Version*
  • 2018 Welcome Letter
  • 20168 KiDS ROCK Series Fact Sheet
  • 2018 Training Guide
  • How Register As A Team Instructions
  • 2018 KiDS ROCK Brochure

Training Tips from Nashville Teams
Check out what each team is doing to prepare for race day!

Team Training Tips


They meet twice a week to train. One day will begin with a five minute warm up run, some dynamic drills, and then will end with a running game or a variety of circuit training. The second day will start with practicing some dynamic drills then start to record laps as they run for an estimated 30 minutes. Each lap is 1/5 of a mile and at the end of the lap, the students receive a mark on their hand so they can keep track of their mileage and improve week by week.


Before training season, students will practice jumping rope. Great exercise to keep the heart rate healthy and a great way for students to challenge themselves and practice coordination (this can be more challenging for younger kids). Once training begins, kids will run miles during PE class and recess – for every mile they complete they get a “foot” to hang on their necklaces.


Training begins in late February for one hour training sessions. First part includes warming up, stretching, and jogging (estimated 30 mins). Second part includes training that revolves around games, activities, or fitness stations. These games are FUN and are the children’s reward for working hard during the first half of their training. Kids are encouraged to bring siblings to the training sessions and receive stickers on their “shoes” on the wall display for each time they participate.


Each student will complete a run every day, and at the end of each run they receive a plastic charm in the shape of a foot to string on their necklace. The students are so proud to display their progress; they wear their necklaces almost every day to school! Once KiDS ROCK is completed at Nissan Stadium, they get their final charm – a “26.2” to signify their completion of a marathon. Students also get to color in their miles on a display chart to they can track their progress and show off their accomplishments.


Students have “Treat Thursday’s” where they receive popsicles after their practice. They also give out chain necklaces and foot tokens (similar to other schools) where tokens are added after completing a certain number of miles. Huge hit for the kids! 

Form A Team To ROCK

Schools can register as a team to run the 1-mile on April 29, 2018. Teams may include all grade levels from K-7th grade to participate. CLICK HERE for more details or to form a team

*Please mail all paper registrations to:
Competitor Group, Inc.


6420 Sequence Drive, 2nd Floor

San Diego, CA 92121