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It’s not quite scientific fact that Nashville, Tennessee is the best at music, patriotism, barbecue and other contestable accolades, but, it is true that Music City is becoming a regular vacation destination for Americans and international visitors.

The folks over at Thrillist saw fit to proclaim Nashville #1 at not just one distinction, but 10! According to the article, Nashville out ranks every United States city when it comes to these elements:

Concerts and live music scene

It’s no surprise that Nashville claimed this prize, as the city has legendary roots in the music industry. In the early days the city grew to establish itself as the national headquarters for music publishing. Even today it’s still known as the “Songwriting Capital of the World.” Contrary to many common conceptions, it’s a hub for not just country, but pop, rock, blues, jazz and a host of other genres.


One of the first impressions visitors to Nashville realize is the hospitality and kindness of the locals. Southern charm rings true in Nashville.

A must see city while in your 20s

Thinking beyond the budding nightlife scene that attracts young people to any city, Nashville offers lots to see and do for the young at heart. It’s a well balanced city that has line dancing, nationally renowned gastronomy, and diverse cultural options in the form of museums, countless music, food and arts festivals, botanical gardens, symphonies and more.

Best job growth in cutting-edge industries

As the city continues to enjoy spot light in the pop culture realm, it’s also experiencing added growth on the economic front. The city is was recently ranked on as one of America’s hottest spots for tech jobs. It’s also leading the nation job growth in the financial industry, challenging New York City for financial superiority.

National Hockey League (NHL) power rankings

Not too many people outside of Nashville know the city has a hockey team, let alone a good one. Although the team is just 18 years old, it’s quickly established itself as a worthy opponent, currently ranked at the #9 spot out of 30 teams in the 2016-17 Power Rankings.


It was an AOL News study that dubbed Nashville as the most American city in the U.S. No–seriously! The study took at look at demographic statistics for 366 of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. The factors measured included age, home prices and educational levels.

Summer travel

Airbnb said Nashville was it’s #1 destination for summer travelers. The alternative accommodation website saw bookings for Nashville grow 365% over 2015.

Best for vinyl

Paying homage to it’s musical roots, Nashville is the world capital of vinyl. It hosts the largest vinyl pressing plant in the U.S. and has seen the once struggling vinyl industry reborn into a roaring industry for the city. Fitting for Music City, USA.


One accolade you likely didn’t expect, Nashville has the most megachurchs per capita. A “mega” church is defined as any Protestant church that regularly maintains weekly attendance of 2,000 people or more.


The question of who can proclaim to have America’s best barbecue is always a hot button issue for foodies, but Travel + Leisure said Nashville does it best…again. The city is noted a range of barbecue styles that include whole-hog, tomato sauces and even mayonnaise and vinegar white sauces.

There’s no shortage of things to do, see taste and enjoy in Music City. Add the 2017 St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon and 1/2 Marathon to your calendar and start planning your trip to see it up close for yourself.

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