200 Days ’til Nashville: 5 Tips to Help Running Feel Easier


We want you to join us in Nashville, which is why we’ve provided 5 Tips to Help Running Feel Easier from WomensRunning.com, the Official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.

200 days. 4,800 hours. 29 weeks. However you look at it, 200 days is ample time to get your mind and body ready to join us as we race to rock Music City on April 29, 2017!

When it comes to running, mental willpower goes a very long way. If you think positive thoughts, you’ll notice your runs become less taxing physically and mentally. Conversely, if you loathe running and continue that same mantra before, during and after your workout, chances are you’ll find yourself zapped of motivation to continue lacing up and training.

Easing your thoughts towards running and improving performance can begin today. Here’s a preview of 5 simple tips to get your thoughts and your performance on to a path of success.

Tip #1: Stand tall and roll your shoulders back.
It’s natural to slump over when you feel tired, but when it happens during a run, concentrate on rolling your shoulders back, expanding your rib cage and standing tall.

Tip #3: Smile and stop clenching your fists.
Many runners display their tension on their face and in their body. Release that tension and relax your face by forcing yourself to smile.
If you clench your hands, open them. Imagine you’re holding a delicate butterfly in your hand, or even an egg. This helps to open up your body and transfer energy where it’s needed.

2017 is shaping up to be another great year. Don’t miss your chance to join us April 29, 2017 as run, rock and party our way through Music City, USA!

These are just two of the 5 Tips to Help Running Feel Easier. For more information or to read the full article, please visit WomensRunning.com. 

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