Own Those Nashville Hills

Those Nashville hills. Yes, historically, Music City is one of our “hilly” courses. But don’t be afraid of a few bumps in the road. Use these tips and you’ll own any hill you face.

Keep these four tips in mind on race day, and you’ll be good to go:

  • Keep your torso tall. Your technique is as important as your strategy.
  • Shorten your stride. Drive your elbows back and focus on pushing off from your toes.
  • Focus your gaze on the summit. The end is near!
  • Forget pace. Always run hills by effort, not speed.

Remember, the hills are worth the climb!


More Hills, More Thrills

What’s that? You want more hills? Check out some of our other hilly courses in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series:

  • Raleigh – Tour the City of Oaks and enjoy the beautiful neighborhoods, parklands and greenways. You’ll be eating hills for breakfast and done in plenty of time for brunch!
  • Washington, DC – In the capital city, there’s nothing like a rise to the top! The flat courses are punctuated by a climb or two that mix up your pace and encourage you to grind until you shine.