Meet Colleen – A St. Jude Hero

Read all about Colleen’s path to becoming a Hero and check out her fundraising tips, below.



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“I decided to be a St. Jude Hero because I figured it would give me more motivation to train if I was running for a cause and it’s much more meaningful to cross a finish line when you’re doing it in honor of someone else!

I had wanted to run Nashville for years and St. Jude has always been a charity that I’ve felt a love for. Our local radio station had just done a Radio-thon, raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and hearing the stories of the families and how St. Jude was their support in their hard times really made me want to do something for them! I really enjoyed the community of the people that were involved in the race. The emails leading up to the event were very helpful and the staff assisting with registration and at the Expo were awesome! It really felt like St. Jude was thankful for our time and effort and were very welcoming.

I’ve done fundraising for quite a few events and I’ve found that the easiest way to raise money is to find things that involve the people around you and not simply to ask directly donations. Here are some ideas that have raised me the most money:

  • Play Football Squares. “Sell” each square for a $5 or $10 donation. Don’t stop at one grid once you sell it out!
  • Host a Garage Sale. A great way to clear up your home and raise some extra cash.
  • Bunco Parties, girls’ nights and guys’ nights. Inexpensive nights out are always a lot of fun.
  • Play College Basketball Bracket Competitions. Getting your workplace involved is a great way to make it fun and involve everyone.
  • Give beads in exchange for donations at tailgates of sporting events in the colors of the teams.

I’ve found that often times if you ask for “Donations” for things such as bake sales you actually raise more money as opposed to making a set price. People are more inclined to give you more than you would price your goods at since they know it is going to a great cause. If there is a set price it limits you on the amount you could make!”