2017 Rock Royalty Competition Winners!

We’re excited to announce and crown our race weekend Queen, Janice Marshall, and King, Zelva Frazier!

Scroll down to learn a little about the inspiring royals.


Meet Queen Janice

I am an Alabama girl who runs in pearls and was inspired to run long distance after cheering on some friends at the finish line of  their first half marathon. Magic was in the air that day and I wanted to experience it for myself. So fast forward one year later, my friend and I ran that half together and I have been running ever since.  I have run 3 marathons, 20 plus half marathons, numerous 10 milers, 15Ks, 10Ks and 5Ks. My passion is to encourage and motivate others on the pavement, in which I fulfill as a Pacer with Beast Pacing. In 2015, I became a Marathon Maniac, Half Fanatic and Double Agent #1280 (in that order). I am also a 2016 and 2017 Zooma Ambassador. I love running, it keeps me focused and relieves stress.

  • Why did you want to become NOLA Royalty? I want to represent all runners (fast or slow) and encourage them to achieve their running goals over the race weekend.
  • Why did you choose to run Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans? In 2016 several friends ran Rock ‘n’ Roll NOLA and I decided that I would not miss out on the opportunity to party on the pavement in 2017!
  • What distance will you be running? I will be running the Remix Challenge: 5K on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday.
  • As Queen, what Rock ‘n’ Roll law would you enact? This Queen is a slow and steady runner, who wants all runners (yes walkers are runners too) to have a consistent finish line experience whether they are the first finisher or the last. The consistent finish line experience law would be enacted. 

Meet King Zelva

I started cycling about 4 1/2 yrs ago as a means to lose weight & get in shape. Cycling turned into running on the treadmill and eventually asked me to run outside. I reluctantly agreed and fell in love with it. I began to run before I go to work and sometimes after I got off. After a little over a year, I entered my first 5K, and have been hooked on entering races ever since. I enjoy giving back to the causes they assist, meeting new people, inspiring others, and pushing myself to new limits. I have a goal of running a half marathon in each state by the age of 50. I have 10 states under my belt from last year (2016) and 7 more scheduled for this year (2017). By God’s grace and if my body holds up, I will achieve this goal. Unfortunately, I’ve already had knee surgery on both knees since the beginning. I try to motivate others to run and keep it moving. 

  • Why did you want to become NOLA Royalty? I believe it is an honor to be considered for an event that I hold in such high esteem. I’ve always felt like a king, but NOONE has recognized the ” king” in me.
  • Why did you choose to run Humana Rock n Roll New Orleans? The Big Easy is a fun place to visit and enjoy with family/friends. It hardly feels like running,  just a big party.
  • If this is your 1st time running the race, what are you most looking forward to and if you are returning, what makes you come back? This is my 2nd year running. This is a flat & fast course. There was so much crowd support, music, and sights. I also ran my best half time here. Told some friends and they decided to run this year. Here to enjoy the good times with friends.
  • As King, what Rock n Roll law would you enact? I would enact the law of medals. I’m a hardware collector. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with finishing and gathering a medal of pride. More medals, bigger & badder!


  1. 1-night hotel stay during Race Weekend
  2. 2x Race Day VIP Passes
  3. A feature on the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans website
  4. Race Weekend royal coronation, procession and Start Line introduction

Thank you to all who participated in the 2017 Rock Royalty competition!