2016 Rock Royalty Competition

Thank you to all participants in this Year’s Rock Royalty Photo Contest! We’ve tallied the votes and today we have the winners!

Our reigning King and Queen have won the following prizes:

A one night stay on race weekend!

2 race day VIP passes!

A feature in the official event guide!

A royal procession at the race start line!

Without further ado, here’s our 2016 New Orleans King and Queen!

NOLA Royalty - Queen

Queen Shanon Olivier Lusk

After having heart surgery in 2007, I was given the option of exercising (which I had never done) or a pacemaker. I chose exercising and that’s where my journey started. I joined a gym and began to embrace my new lifestyle. A few years later, in 2010, I decided to begin studying to obtain my group fitness instructor and personal trainer certifications, which I successfully achieved. I was also feeling the need to change it up a bit and take my fitness level up a notch. That’s when I decided to incorporate running into my fitness regimen. Little did I know how much I would love it, and what a huge part of my life it would become. Running has changed me. Through my running I have reached so many people and introduced them to running, and in turn it has changed them. Running is my therapy, my stress reliever, my happy place. I run to burn off the crazy. I now plan my vacations around running races. My medals, race bibs and race shirts are my legacy. In 6 years time, I have completed 26 half marathons and 1 full…and I’m just getting started.

NOLA Royalty - King

King Jorge Name

I started running 4 years ago to help me lose weight. At first I just wanted to run the Dallas Turkey Trot, (an 8 mile race) but it became evident that I was ready to do a half marathon. Later, I became a pace leader with the Dallas Running Club to help mentor and motivate others trying to achieve long distance runs. As an RRCA certified coach and having run 12 full marathons I have learned that this sport is for anyone who is afraid of accomplishing something that very few are willing to try but motivated to give it their all. Everybody gets surprised at their distance PRs and how running a little bit slower can increase your endurance. I am thankful that the Dallas Running Club has given me the chance to help other runners achieve their goals.