29 Ways Runners Can Celebrate Leap Day

Leap Day

Today, February 29, is the leap day that comes once every four years. This extra day gives us all an opportunity to branch out and try new things. Women’s Running gives us 29 ways runners can celebrate and make the most of the occasion. Happy Leap Day!

1. Try the Leap Year Plyo Challenge complements of Women’s Running. They provided lots of exercises during the past month; pick your favorite four and try four reps of each one.

2. Stop procrastinating on the “register” button. There are many races just waiting for you to tackle them. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has plenty of options to fill your calendar between now and the next leap day. What are you waiting for?

3. Tackle one more run before March rolls around. So you skipped last week’s recovery run or slept through your long run on Saturday. Now’s your chance to make it right!

4. Stretch a bit more. If your plan revolves around a 28-day February, use the bonus time to get an extra stretch session in.

5. Try a new class. Yoga, Pilates, barre, Crossfit—commit to trying something new that you’ve avoided since Jan. 1. Consider Feb. 29 your new New Year’s resolution.

6. Run a new running route to inform your choices in March.

7. Make a really bad running joke at work. (Mondays are awful already, so use this extra day to your advantage to make it a little better.)

8. Go big and set a four-year running plan for yourself and check back in on Feb. 29, 2020.

9. Leap off of curbs and dance during your morning, afternoon or evening runs. The point? Because it’s fun, because it’s weird and because it’s a leap day.

10. You have to play a game of leap frog with your running buddies. Think: running + leaping over another human = cross-training?

11. Make a running playlist of songs that are all about jumping. (Think: Kriss Kross!)

12. Write down 29 running goals you want to accomplish in the next four years and hide it away until Feb. 29, 2020.

13. Eat pizza because it’s good, but also because Julius Caesar created the leap year in the first place. #carboloading

14. Find a staircase and see how many sets of 29 you can do.

15. Gather your run buds for a 29-minute run in the morning. Fine, you’re allowed to make it an even 30.

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